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Torqit Performance Modules unleash the power, torque and efficiency that are lost through factory programming of your vehicles onboard computer.

Dependent upon the module you choose, torqit Performance Modules will increase your engines power, torque and fuel efficiency by adjusting the fuelling of your engine through changes to either the fuel pressure or the injection pulse length.


These improvements are especially noticeable when towing heavy loads




Many modern vehicles utilize a ‘drive-by-wire’ control system for the accelerator.

This means that when pressure is applied to the accelerator pedal a sensor measures how much pressure has been applied and sends signal to a control module which in turn sends a signal to the engine to open the throttle the corresponding amount.

The pedal torq module sits between the sensor and the control module, intercepting the signal and altering it in order to shorten and improve the response time.

Pedal torq reduces the amount of pedal pressure required to achieve ‘throttle wide open’, allowing drivers to access the engines full potential.



With over 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems under the Sterling 4x4 name, we are Australia’s number one exhaust system specialists, industry leaders in Australia and international markets in providing superior quality performance products.

Torqit Performance Exhausts are designed to work with other Torqit products including Torqit Performance Modules and Pedal Torq.

When combined with these products the power and torque output of your 4X4 vehicle is significantly increased, further enhancing your driving experience.

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Get the full potential from your vehicle using this European technology and optimize the factory settings of your vehicle.

Torqit ModuleMap is an ultra fast and powerful ECU programming tool that allows the factory settings of a vehicle to be calibrated and optimised.

3 different Maps means you can re-map your settings so that you don't have to take your car into a tuning store.  

All you need is a computer with a USB port and you can expect improved power, torque and general performance.

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