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We here at Bundall Automotive comply with Health Directive of Wearing a Mask when Indoors....
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Summer is Just around the Corner...

Australian summers can get hot and it’s not just people and pets that feel the heat. Your car will also need extra attention and maintenance to keep it in top working condition. The most obvious tip for any driver about to get into their car on a steaming summer’s day is to prepare for a scorching hot steering wheel and Seatbelt Buckle ( yikes ) Apart from that, here are some other handy summer car care tips to make sure your car survives this sweltering season.

 Check Fluids

Your car needs to adjust its fluid intake in the heat just like you adjust yours for the summer cricket season. Oil is like the white blood cells of your car – it needs to be replenished more often when the car is under more extreme pressure.

Be sure to check your oil more commonly in the summer. Instead of examining it once a month, give it a check every time you fill up on petrol. In really extreme temperatures such as 40 degrees and above, top up oil each time you intend to use your car.

 Engine Temperature

Engines are designed to run hot, but even the best engine has its limits. Without regulation, the metal parts in an overheated engine could melt and fuse together. Fortunately, cars use cooling systems to remain within their preferred operational range.

Make sure you keep an eye on the cooling agents that make this process possible. This includes your coolant levels, hoses, belts and radiator. Any leak from your car is a sign one of the parts isn’t coping. This could be the radiator, the transmission, or another part.

Check Tyres and Brakes

The heat in your tyres is one of the most important things to pay attention to during a summer inspection. This is because heat expands, causing tyre pressure to can change significantly. This means that your tyres will be more pressurised on hotter days, leading to a greater chance of a blowout.

If you’re feeling the heat this summer, consider lowering your tyre pressure. In extreme temperatures of 40 degrees and above, the tyre pressure should be lowered by almost 2.2 bar from the recommended cold tyre temperature.

Brakes are another hot part of your car, meaning they’ll also need some extra attention in the heat. If your brake pedal starts to feel like you’re stepping in custard, or it makes loud scraping noises like fingernails on a blackboard; you should give it some attention immediately. This could mean flushing the brake fluids and replacing them, replacing the pads, or taking your car in for a service.

Up To Date Service History

If you want complete peace of mind for your summer drive, make sure your car has an up to date service history and with ( fingers crossed ) .... boarders opening this coming festive season, book your car in for a complete check over.... 

Call us today on 55 27 6591 to book your car in for that service... 

Bundall Automotive, based in Ashmore, is a locally owned and operated business, dedicated to providing high quality service.  At Bundall Automotive we offer a wide range of services and products for all makes and models of vehicles.

Our experienced staff can complete your logbook service or undertake repairs to your vehicle. Want to modify your vehicle? We also offer exhaust system modifications and sell a range of  tyres. Contact us for a free quote!

New Product

Torqit is the number one exhaust system specialist in Australia providing your vehicle with increased power and a superior driving experience.

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Need a log book serivce, or other mechanical repairs? Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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We have a huge range of batteries for all vehicles...Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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Summer Special

Summer is here Yet  again :-)  So call  Bundall Automotive on
07 5527 6591  to have your air conditioning re-gased for only    $99
Call us today to book before it really does start to heat up. 
Remember, we are now in Ashmore, so please call 55 27 6591 to get  your Air Conditioner looked at...


Here at Bundall Automotive, we specialise in standard factory replacement & exhaust repairs for the family car, exhaust repairs - for most Make and Model of Vehicles
Bundall Automotive,is Now in Ashmore... Call us on 07 5527 6591 to see if we can help you with our exhaust repairs


Bundall Automotive currently have a HUGE savings on all tyres. We can source a Large Variety of Car and 4WD Tyres and offer you the best price available.

Call us on 5527 6591 or pop into our office to find out more!

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