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Winter is around the corner and with that comes some car maintenance we need to look at...
Your Car Battery

Cold weather can wreak havoc on almost all machinery including car batteries. This is why it’s important to make sure you’re adequately prepared for the winter season.

Test Your Battery
The first step towards protecting your car battery during winter is by having it tested.  we recommend you change your car battery every three years

Keep Your Battery Warm
Just like humans, car batteries need warmth to remain healthy during the winter months. Keep your car parked in your garage if possible

Take Your Time

When starting your car on a cold morning, turn off the lights, radio and air conditioner and leave your car run for a little while to get all the lubricants and parts working well. All of these place extra strain on the battery.

Clean Up Your Car

Clean Engine Bay Grime, dirt, and corrosion on battery terminals contributes to electrical resistance. So make sure to keep your engine bay clean.

Trying Again

If your vehicle won’t kick into life after fifteen to twenty seconds turning the ignition, stop and rest before trying again.

If your car still won’t start, check the battery terminals. Clean and tighten the connections then try again. It’s possible your battery connections are simply loose. So cleaning or tightening will fix the problem.

Final Words

In winter you do not want to find yourself stranded with a battery that struggles to start your engine. Do what you can to protect your car battery during these cold months.

At the very least, be proactive and have your battery tested before winter hits.

with no stickers it is easy to forget the due dates of your car registration....
you can check via this website:      

Please stay safe on the roads and we look foward to seeing you soon.

Bundall Automotive, based in Ashmore, is a locally owned and operated business, dedicated to providing high quality service.  At Bundall Automotive we offer a wide range of services and products for all makes and models of vehicles.

Our experienced staff can complete your logbook service or undertake repairs to your vehicle. Want to modify your vehicle? We also offer exhaust system modifications and sell a range of  tyres. Contact us for a free quote!

New Product

Torqit is the number one exhaust system specialist in Australia providing your vehicle with increased power and a superior driving experience.

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Need a log book serivce, or other mechanical repairs? Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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We have a huge range of batteries for all vehicles...Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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Arrange to have your exhaust system modified.. Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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Tyres for all vehicles, needs and budgets... Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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** Aircon Re-gas**
Summer Special

Summer is here Yet  again :-)  So call  Bundall Automotive on
07 5527 6591  to have your air conditioning re-gased for only    $99
Call us today to book before it really does start to heat up. 
Remember, we are now in Ashmore, so please call 55 27 6591 to get  your Air Conditioner looked at...


Here at Bundall Automotive, we specialise in standard factory replacement & exhaust repairs for the family car, exhaust repairs - for most Make and Model of Vehicles
Bundall Automotive,is Now in Ashmore... Call us on 07 5527 6591 to see if we can help you with our exhaust repairs


Bundall Automotive currently have a HUGE savings on all tyres. We can source a Large Variety of Car and 4WD Tyres and offer you the best price available.

Call us on 5527 6591 or pop into our office to find out more!

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