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Here are a few tips for staying warm and keeping your cool on the roads this winter.

Love your tyres

These four little strips of rubber are the only thing keeping your pride and joy on the road, and your family safe, and yet we seldom spare them a second thought. If you do nothing else on this list, check your tyres today.

Keep your windows clean

I think we can all agree that visibility is important - not just through the windscreen ahead, but also through the side windows and via the back windscreen. Keep all your windows free from road grime on the outside and free from grubby fingerprints and other airborne muck on the inside with regular cleans. For best results use a window cleaner.

Light the way

We’ve all seen cars on the road with a headlight or tail-light out, but when was the last time you checked your own? Winter makes daily driving challenging enough thanks to wet roads, slower drivers and increased traffic, let alone doing it half-dark.

Make sure your headlights are working properly on low and high beam, and check your tail-lights and indicators to ensure other road users are receiving your warning signals. If you’ve got foglights and spotlights, check them too, but be careful to not blind other drivers.

Get your car serviced

Car companies spend billions of dollars engineering cars to work in temperatures ranging from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, but a car’s engine and other oily bits are under more stress towards the limits of that range. Sluggish performance, rough idling, reluctant starts and pinging are all signs your car is not fighting fit for the winter frost. The best thing you as an owner can do is get your car serviced regularly to ensure all fluids and filters are in their prime.

Bundall Automotive, based in Ashmore, is a locally owned and operated business, dedicated to providing high quality service.  At Bundall Automotive we offer a wide range of services and products for all makes and models of vehicles.

Our experienced staff can complete your logbook service or undertake repairs to your vehicle. Want to modify your vehicle? We also offer exhaust system modifications and sell a range of  tyres. Contact us for a free quote!

New Product

Torqit is the number one exhaust system specialist in Australia providing your vehicle with increased power and a superior driving experience.

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Need a log book serivce, or other mechanical repairs? Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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We have a huge range of batteries for all vehicles...Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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Arrange to have your exhaust system modified.. Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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Tyres for all vehicles, needs and budgets... Call Bundall Automotive in Ashmore

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We here at Bundall Automotive are also able to do
Road Worthy Certificates..

There are $90.00 +gst

Please call us on 07 5527 6591 to book in.


Here at Bundall Automotive, we specialise in standard factory replacement & exhaust repairs for the family car, exhaust repairs - for most Make and Model of Vehicles
Bundall Automotive,is Now in Ashmore... Call us on 07 5527 6591 to see if we can help you with our exhaust repairs


Bundall Automotive currently have a HUGE savings on all tyres. We can source a Large Variety of Car and 4WD Tyres and offer you the best price available.

Call us on 5527 6591 or pop into our office to find out more!

Bundall Automotive, Now in Ashmore